The skin is our first touchpoint with the world, it protects the body and makes it shine with its unique look. A beautiful skin is the primary sign of good health. Dermatologists know it and for this reason they always seek the most effective therapy solutions to restore the epidermis balance and to give it a smooth texture.

Technological care for long-lasting wellbeing
4PLUS™ is the technology for the treatment of the main face and body conditions, that acts in a safe, effective and comfortable way. The dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency is an innovative technology which softly and selectively warms up all different dermal layers. It speeds up the physiological cellular regeneration, stimulates the production of new collagen, restores the elasticity and firmness of the tissues and reduces the volume of adipose accumulation.

Where can it be used (Indications):
Customers ask more and more for non-surgical procedures requiring a very short or even zero downtime. 4PLUS™ is the innovative solution for: Face lifting | Hands Rejuvenation | Body tightening | Face contouring | Body reshaping | Fractional resurfacing

4PLUS™ directs the heating without dispersions providing visible results from the first session onwards.  It operates on the different layers of the skin, on the surface and in-depth, in a selective and controlled way, stimulating specific physiological processes for the different treatments. Clinical academic tests have demonstrated the efficacy of Dynamic and Fractional Quadripolar Radiofrequency in dermatology.

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