Fast Detection of Neuropathy in Diabetes
Chronic Pain
Dealing with Vaginal Atrophy and Dryness
Reversable Sterilisation
Treatment of Chronic Osteoarthritis knee pain
Therapy solution for doutine clinical treatment of depression & pain

About Den Medical

Den Medical continuously strives to be recognized as the best provider of high quality, recognized RF solutions, as an alternative to more invasive medical treatments. By offering expertise and quality services, Den Medical stands out in the medical community in the Benelux, both for the patients and their doctors and for the partners we represent. Den Medical exclusively distributes the above solutions in the Benelux and France. Den Esthetics is the division that focuses on dermatologists, plastic surgeons and physiotherapists in the treatment of aesthetic problems such as scarred tissue, scars from acne, stretch marks, etc. With EVA we focus entirely on the women’s problems surrounding vaginal atrophy, vaginal pain and stress incontinence.

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