Alternative therapies for the treatment of chronic back pain:

“Interventional Endoscopic Spinal Surgery” and Endoscopic Ganglion Neuromodulation

Today several therapies to treat chronic pain are available. Most of them have been developed in the last ten years by well-known pain specialist, and increasing clinical evidence is being presented at important medical congresses around the world. For patient with failed back surgery syndrome, with radicular pain or a spinal stenosis, the ‘Interventional Endoscopic Spinal Surgery’ (IESS) solution is an affordable set of procedures, that allows in one treatment session a significant pain decrease for several months to years. Thanks to a exceptional quality endoscopic image the multiple possibilities to choose from include balloon catheters for epiduroplasty, Dorsal Root Ganglion treatment with Pulsed RF, as well as mechanical, electrical (removal of scar tissue) and pharmacological treatment of the epidural space.

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