An innovative procedure for the treatment of contained disc herniation: “Resadisc”

Millions of patients world wide suffer from herniated discs. For many reasons (weight lifting, wrong movement, obesity, ageing,…) the discs between your vertebrae can weaken, leading to an herniated disc. In an early stage the anulus fibrosus, the structure that holds the disc together, will not break. We call this a contained herniation, which causes a lot of radicular or back pain in most patients. Nevertheless at this stage of the herniation, treatment options remain non-surgical. If the conservative treatments can’t offer pain relief, “Resadisc“ is a low temperature solution that by breaking the molecular bonds of the nucleus tissue decompresses the disc and retracts the herniated anulus fibrosis. It is a safe, easy and minimally invasive procedure that may avoid the presence of a full herniation, which would than need surgery with scarring as a result.

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