Sooma depression therapy: an alternative depression treatment


Sooma depression therapy is a drug-free way to treat depression. Sooma can also be used to support (r)TMS treatment and medication reduction; but is also suitable for patients with treatment or medication resistance.

The treatment is based on transcranial direct current stimulation. You can compare it a bit with electrotherapy. In depression, brain activity is affected in the prefrontal areas. Sooma’s user-friendly portable device stimulates precisely those brain areas with a transcutaneously applied weak direct current in order to achieve normalization of brain activity and relief from depressive symptoms.

This alternative medicine of depression is very easy to apply and the patient can do the treatments, after a guided session by a professional healthcare provider, independently at home. Sooma depression therapy consists of 30-minute therapy sessions repeated five times a week for a minimum of three weeks. During intensive inpatient treatment for depression, a six-week program is recommended.

The new depression therapy saves time for both patients and caregivers and allows for greater flexibility in depression treatments by allowing patients to use Sooma from the comfort of their own homes.

Efficacy of depression therapy Sooma

A recent publication on the results of Sooma treatment found that the majority of patients experienced a reduction of at least 50% in depressive symptoms after the three-week treatment period.

Other typical effects of the therapy include improvements in mood, sleep quality, activity levels and a reduction in anxiety. In Finland, this alternative treatment for depression is included in the current care guidelines. This means that its treatment and highly effective effects have been recognized.

A safe therapy for depression

This alternative therapy for depression has little to no adverse side effects. From a safety evaluation based on more than 40,000 stimulation sessions, it was concluded that this electrotherapy is a safe treatment method in adult, adolescent and also elderly patients. The alternative depression treatment is completely safe, but there can be possible side effects such as an itching sensation. This uncomfortable feeling may occur in the stimulation area during the first few minutes of treatment. Only a small proportion of patients experienced a mild short-term headache or fatigue. Furthermore, small, transient irritation (redness) of the skin may occur under the electrodes.

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