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The future of QST and upcoming webinars

Pain, heat and cold are sensory perceptions that we notice because our nerve fibers transmit information to our brains. Today, these workings of the human body are being turned into science and the whole process can help many doctors determine exactly where pain is present in the body. Chronic pain can be a troublesome ailment and often you don’t know where it is coming from. After many tests and doctor visits, hope is often lost. But with QST, the future of science, stimuli are recorded in detail and it is possible to find out where in the body the pain is coming from, in order to proceed to the most correct treatment, according to the personal pain profile.

Since this method is a strong advance for doctors and clinical practitioners, both in terms of specificity and speed, it is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are still many questions about its specific use. Through this page you can receive new information and also follow entertaining webinars about both the theory and practice of QST.

Leiden University Medical Center: the start of a full implementation of the new science

The medical department of Leiden University has fully immersed itself in this new method. They are therefore already several steps ahead in implementing personalized pain treatments based on an individual’s personal pain profile. The University is also a leader in the use of new technologies. For example, they are even testing the possibilities of virtual reality in the medical sector.

Clinical pain treatment and QST

But what is possible with QST and why do we recommend it? With Qualitative Sensory Testing, cold and/or heat stimuli are administered to the patient to determine what stimuli (and to what degree) the patient can perceive. Using a thermode, a small element with a hot water reservoir, the stimuli are administered. This does not hurt and is a very simple test. Yet the results are detailed and error-free. In the webinars you will get more information about both the practical use of QST, the science behind it, the types of tests that can be indicative and finally also some case descriptions. This will give you, as a physician, a complete picture of what QST can contribute to your practice.

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