Avanos as pain relief against nerve pain

Den Medical has represented Avanos products for numerous years in the management of chronic patients suffering from sensory pain in the hip, shoulder and knee. New products are developed to give a better result and to suppress the pain for a longer period.

Furthermore, radiofrequency ablation based on controlled diagnostic blocks is a very effective means of reducing chronic pain in certain patients.


Avanos COOLIEF: A Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment

Cooled radiofrequency is not to be confused with cryotherapy. In the cooled technique, one allows moisture of about 20° to seep through the thermode. The tip of the thermode is cooled down and the radiofrequency will continue to work. In this way a larger ablation field is obtained and there is a much greater chance of ablating the right nerve. Avanos is unique in this regard. Physical functionality is greatly improved by the treatment. Avanos COOLIEF was developed to address pain around the complex anatomy of various nerve pathways. Each COOLIEF kit is equipped with all the components needed to perform a chilled RF treatment. This chilled radiofrequency treatment uses water-cooled technology where it can safely disable sensory nerves thanks to more RF energy. This creates a larger; spherical leasie that extends distally 45% or more beyond the tip of the probe. The physician will therefore be able to approach the target nerve from any angle. Thus increasing the chances of successful radiofrequency ablation and improving outcomes for your patients. They continue to innovate with techniques such as chilled RF treatments. It is the first clinically proven chilled RF treatment for chronic pain. Avanos is also the only manufacturer to make many studies regarding this subject. In particular, some good EBM studies on the knee have already been published where patients see a great reduction in pain over two years.


Chronic pain treatment from Avanos

Avanos’ new cooled RF generator simplifies radiofrequency ablation and is designed for tremendous ease of use. The generator enables physicians to perform a full spectrum of RF procedures. With the Avanos RF generator, a simplified touchscreen system and customized physician profiles are offered. Up to 16 profiles can be set up. In addition, the device provides powerful performance and you have multiple treatment options such as cooled, standard and pulsed RF. Finally, there is independent channel control. One can start, stop and adjust the generator on 4 independent channels or they can also be used all at once. The system offers improved visualization during positioning, resulting in targeted treatment. The thermode slides very easily and smoothly through the RF needle. The RF needle also has a radiopaque ring that one can see very well on the screen and this allows the physician a better view of the positioning of the needle. In addition to color coding, there are also different sizes and tip configurations available. The pain control generator should always be used in conjunction with separately approved probes. As a result, the needle is disposable to prevent cross-contamination.


With Avanos, Den Medical makes pain management against nerve pain easier

Den Medical is the exclusive partner of Avanos in the Benelux. If you are curious how the Avanos device can help you with chronic pain treatment, please contact us for more information. Avanos also organizes workshops with theoretical presentations and demonstrations. Physicians can register for these through us to attend. Please contact us for additional information and future dates. You can easily send us a message via the contact form on our website. We will be happy to answer all your questions and together we will go for the appropriate treatment for your patients.