COOLIEF* Cooled RF Probes

The probe includes a 1.2- meter connecting cable and a hose extension. A thermocouple in the probe measures the cooled electrode temperature during the procedure. A radiopaque marker is located at the proximal end of the active tip. This marker defines the lesion location under fluoroscopy, confirms the position and improves visualization.

Product code Description Therapy Type Generator
CRP-17-50 COOLIEF* Probe 17 GA 50mm Length

Cervical, knee

All g. & pumps

CRP-17-75 COOLIEF* Probe 17 GA 75mm Length

Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, SIJ, Knee

All g. & pumps
CRP-17-100 COOLIEF* Probe 17 GA 100mm Length

Lumbar SIJ

All g. & pumps
CRP-17-150 COOLIEF* Probe 17 GA 150mm Length

Hip, SIJ, Disc biacuplasty

All g. & pumps
TDP-17-150 COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Probe 17 GA 150mm Length

Disc biacuplasty

All g. & pumps

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